Candidates for new position of police and crime commissioner becoming clear across the area

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CANDIDATES for the newly created elected position of police and crime commissioners are becoming clear across the area.

Police and crime commissioners will oversee the activities of the chief constables, with the power to appoint and, if necessary, to dismiss them.

The commissioners will set the policing plan for their force area.

The first election for the police and crime commissioners will be held across England and Wales on November 15.

In Leicestershire and Rutland retired Air Chief Marshall Sir Clive Loader has been selected as the Conservative party’s candidate for the job.

Sir Clive, who lives with his wife Alison in Wing, rose through the ranks in the RAF, reaching the position of Air Chief Marshal in 2007 where he was responsible for a budget of more than £2.6 billion and led 31,500 personnel. He retired from the air force in 2009.

He will be going up against Leicester City assistant mayor Sarah Russell, who will be running for the Labour party.

As part of her assistant mayor role, Coun Russell, who represents the Leicester’s Westcotes ward has responsibility for community safety in her role in mayor Peter Soulsby’s administration and she is currently the chairman of the Safer Leicester Partnership.

Also running for the position in Leicestershire and Rutland is Independent David Bowley, who ran for parliament in 2010 and deputy Lieutenant of Leicestershire. Suleman Nagdi.

Mr Nagdi, former Justice of the Peace is also the vice chairman of the Leicestershire Inter Faith Forum and a member of the Leicester Council of Faiths and Faith Leaders Forum. 
In Lincolnshire, Deeping St James parish councillor Phil Dilks has been chosen to represent Labour.

The Conservatives have yet to announce their candidate. A closed primary of members of the Conservative Party will take place on tomorrow to select a candidate from the three person shortlist.

On the shortlist are county councillors Richard Davies and Kelly Smith.

Coun Davis represents Grantham North West Division and coun Smith represents Lincoln Moorland Division, both councillors are members of Lincolnshire Police Authority.

Also on the short list is author Lee Rotherham from the Taxpayers Alliance.

Mervyn Barrett is competing for the Lincolnshire commissioner as an independent and Boston borough councillor Elliott Fountain is running for the English Democrats.

In Northamptonshire Lee Baron, a former councillor for Castle Ward in Northampton Borough Council is running for Labour.

Adam Simmonds, a former county councillor and up to until June the assistant director of Northamptonshire County Council is the Conservative candidate

Independent John Norrie, who has sat on the Northamptonshire Police Authority and worked within Northamptonshire Police assisting them to make improvements has announced his candidacy and another independent, former special constable Matt Stockdale will also run.

Running for the Labour party in Cambridgeshire is Peterborough City coun Ed Murphy. During his time as a county councillor he was the Labour group representative on Cambridgeshire Police Authority.

As in Lincolnshire the Conservative party in the Cambridgeshire is holding a closed member vote on tomorrow to whittle down their shortlist of three. They will select either retired Air Commodore John Pye who has sat as an independent on the Cambridgshire Police 
Authority since 2009, Sir Graham Bright, a former Member of Parliament for Luton South or county coun Shona Johnstone.

Also running are Peterborough City councillor Stephen Goldspink for the English Democrats, Independent Ansar Ali who is a former county councillor and Justice of the Peace, and Lord Toby Jug of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.