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Car crimes in and around Stamford linked to pair who were in prison

Criminals involved in a network of offences linked to Stamford are operating again in this area.

An increase in thefts of registration plates and thefts from vehicles has coincided with the release of two men from prison following their arrests last year. A third man remains locked up.

They had been carrying out crimes across nine police force areas, often using the stolen plates from one vehicle to carry out crimes in a different area.

Auto thief in black balaclava trying to break into car with screwdriver. Car thief, car theft. (6855912)
Auto thief in black balaclava trying to break into car with screwdriver. Car thief, car theft. (6855912)

Insp Ian Martin of Stamford Police said: "We worked with the other police forces and arrested the three, who were from Hampshire. Two are now out of prison and we believe they are involved in similar crimes again.

"If you have your number plates stolen you might not think it's important enough to report to police, but it may well form part of a bigger picture that helps us to make arrests and prevent further, more serious crimes.

"People also need to make sure that they never leave valuables in a car and remove items on show to make the vehicle seem less attractive."

In addition to this kind of vehicle crime, more high-value cars have been targeted through 'keyless' thefts.

On Monday night two people were caught on CCTV approaching a 2018 Mercedes parked on a driveway in Cherry Holt Road, Bourne, before opening its doors and driving away.

They are believed to have used a 'relay entry' method, which involves the criminals setting off the electronic signal of the car key while it is still in the owner's home. This disables the car alarm, immobiliser and locks, enabling it to be driven away.

Insp Martin said: "There are a two main ways to prevent this.

"One is to make sure car keys are kept away from front doors and windows so that the signal can't be picked up and relayed back to the car, or in a Faraday bag, which completely blocks the signal.

"Another is to have a tracker fitted, which helps us to trace and recover a vehicle."

To report a crime call 101, or call 999 in an emergency.

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