Care cuts in Lincolnshire will hit more than 3,000

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MORE than 3,000 adults could lose their social care services under new cost-cutting measures.

Lincolnshire County Council has decided to raise the threshold at which elderly and disabled people qualify for certain care services.

The change is part of the council’s attempt to roll out the personal budget scheme, which lets users decide where to spend their publicly-funded care grant instead of the council providing care.

The council aims to save £2m with its latest proposals, which will mean those previously classed as in need of “moderate” care will no longer receive council support.

This applies to people who are unable to carry out several personal care tasks, such as getting out of bed, washing and feeding themselves

But the council has promised to help the 3,096 people who could lose services to find replacement care.

Coun Graham Marsh, executive councillor for adult social care, said: “Nobody receiving services at the moment is just going to get chopped off. We will undertake that everyone receiving services will be directed towards help.

“We will help them access services from a different source.”

Elderly and disabled people in Lincolnshire are put into one of four categories for social care depending on the level of support they need. Under the new proposals only the top two will receive council support.

Counr Marianne Overton, leader of the independent opposition, said: “Not giving the care that is clearly needed means greater cost both personally and on both health and social care in the longer run.”

The council also agreed to clarify the aim of the consultation it launched on personal budgets. Two challenges were received from councillors worried the content and purpose of the consultation were unclear.

The council agreed to send a covering letter and questionnaire to each service user and set up a consultation website, along with a series of public information events about the personal budget scheme.