Carers to receive comfort pack

Carers comfort pack
Carers comfort pack
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Carers of inpatients with dementia will now receive a ‘Comfort Pack’ to give them the essentials they need when they come into hospital unexpectedly.

This initiative is thanks to Women’s Institute groups in Huntingdon, Peterborough and Lincolnshire who have worked with North West Anglia Foundation Trust, Carers Trust and the Alzheimer’s Society to provide these packs to carers staying at Peterborough City Hospital and Stamford Hospital.

The trust encourages carers to stay in hospital as it is widely known that elderly and confused patients are reassured by familiar faces, as well as having someone to help them communicate and understand their surroundings.

This approach was inspired by John’s Campaign, which fights for the right for carers to stay in hospital with people with dementia, in the same way that parents can stay with their children.

Alison Gray, dementia specialist nurse at Peterborough City Hospital said: “We know from experience what a difference it makes for our patients to have a friendly face with them to help reduce their anxiety.

“We’re incredibly grateful to the WI, Carers Trust and Alzheimer’s Society for making it possible for us to offer our carers some additional comfort when they arrive in hospital suddenly and haven’t had time to pack the everyday things needed for an overnight stay.”

The packs have also been delivered to Hinchingbrooke Hospital, which is a part of the health trust.