Celebration of the opening of a new community centre in Bourne

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RESIDENTS are planning a weekend of events to celebrate the opening of a new community centre.

Kier Homes will hand over the keys to the £750,000 community centre to the residents living on the Elsea Park estate in Bourne in March.

Chairman of the Elsea Park Community Trust, Angela Bailey, was delighted the centre would soon be ready for use.

The residents are having regular meetings as the opening of the centre moves forward and are planning a huge weekend of events to celebrate.

Mrs Bailey said: “We want to open with a big bang. We are thinking of a barn dance, children’s entertainment and a barbecue or hog roast. It will be a really good weekend for everyone.”

People living on the estate have waited a long time for the centre. Planning permission was granted in 2008 but work was delayed starting until November 2010 and residents were then promised it would be open by April last year. This date was twice put back but now the end is in sight.

Mrs Bailey said: “We have worked very closely with Kier and we are just very pleased that we are on the final leg. It has been a long time coming but everyone is very excited about it. The hall looks absolutely stunning.”

Mrs Bailey said the centre, which is off Sandown Drive, would open about two months after the handover because there would still be some finishing touches to add.

She said: “The first thing we will have to do is move the Elsea Park trust office, which is in Tilia Way at the moment, as well as staff the centre.

“We also have to install furniture and audio equipment and things like that.”

The centre will include a reception area, trust office, kitchen and a main hall with stage.

It will be linked to the rest of the estate with footpaths and cycleways.