Centre reviews its policy on use of loos

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A community trust has reviewed its policy about the use of its toilets following an incident where a mother and child were refused use.

The incident took place last month at The Centre @ Elsea Park.

A mother and two-year-old child asked to use the toilets at the centre but were turned away.

It has always been the policy of the Elsea Park Community Trust, which runs the centre, that the toilets are only for users of the facility and not for public use.

However a post about the incident on the group’s Facebook page caused a strong reaction by parents and parent groups in the town.

Following the comments the trust has reviewed its practice for “emergency cases”.

Chairman of the Elsea Park Community Trust Angela Bailey said: “If it is a genuine emergency we will be more flexible in the future.

“I can’t guarantee it will never happen again but we will try to prevent it when we can.

“It is a community organisation and we have to be flexible.

“If the people on the development feel strongly about it we have to listen to them which is what I feel we have done.”

The toilets at the centre will generally remain unavailable for public use because of cleaning costs, safety concerns for users, including safeguarding children who use the centre by restricting public access.

The centre is staffed 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and it was also felt it would place unfair pressure on hirers of the hall.