Changes to the way council gives grants

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BOURNE Town Council is changing the way it receives applications for grants to maximise the money it can give out to groups.

The town council has an annual budget of £5,000 to give to groups or societies in the town which hold activities directly benefitting the people of the parish.

Previously, the town council considered funding requests as and when they arrived however that meant the council struggled to determine how much money to grant, because it did not know what request might come in later in the financial year.

To resolve these issues the council voted in a meeting of the finance committee on May 1 to implement a six monthly session when grant applications will be considered.

Town Clerk Nelly Jacobs said: “We found that by dealing with grant requests on an ad hoc basis, we couldn’t judge how much to give to each cause.

“The council could be too cautious when we could have been more generous.

“This way we can put the grant money to better use for the community.”

In the past the town council has given money to: scout and guide groups, unemployment service Toolbar, the Butterfield Centre, schools sporting events, Bourne Football Club and the Deeping Gang Show amongst other things.

This year applications will be considered on Tuesday July 31 and again on February 5, next year.

All applicants are advised to get their requests to the council in good time.

In exceptional circumstances, applications can be considered at reasonably short notice.

Anyone wishing to make a grant application should contact the Town Clerk on 01778 426123 or

An application form will be made available through the council’s website at www.bournetown in the near future.