Check out your horoscopes for the year ahead

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 20) Kick start your year by getting involved. Business matters need your attention, of course, but socially it is also an important time. The spring offers many new opportunities to make friends and take up new activities. Some of you will learn a musical instrument or discover new (to you) religions. There are big shifts in beliefs and priorities as your knowledge of life increases. Early summer brings romantic interludes. Some will turn into long friendships; others will go by the way. Any relationship can enhance your understanding and compassion. People seek you out because of your knowledge and open views. They consider their friend and colleague a real asset. Avoid fast food and lack of exercise when busy. If you do not take care of yourself, then you cannot help others. The autumn favours career choices and opportunities - some through social contacts and others from word of mouth. Careers take off and talents sparkle. You are flavour of the year. Make the most of this period before it quietens down in the winter months. That is a time to look at your personal priorities and plan for a more leisurely future. Loved ones need more of your attention and deserve to get it.

Overall: A sparkling, progressive and enchanting year. Mix and match to get enough leisure time.

Aquarius (January 21 - February 19) A period of relaxation and enjoyment of your home life kicks the new year off. Starting as you mean to go on, the spring is a time to strengthen close relationships. There may be new members of the family to entertain. It may be necessary to move to a bigger house or new area due to these changes and progress at work. Never mind, you take it all in your considerable stride! Keep to a budget and get rid of anything that can be considered irrelevant. Who needs 20 vases or 40 pairs of shoes? Give to charity or have a boot sale. A refreshing start to the summer sees you still spending more time with your family and creating memories for the future. Someone close may decide to build a family tree. From this you find out about a fascinating ancestor. Those who are having problems with finances see the tide turning in their favour. Career contacts need special attention. Always be aware of the facts before presenting yourself or your ideas. This can make the difference between swift progress and a damp squib. A chance meeting in the winter months triggers changes in your direction. This is more on a business level than a personal one. You surprise yourself continually with flashes of inspiration.

Overall: An ambitious, joyful and surprising year. Take opportunities and run with them.

Pisces (February 20 - March 20) Prepare yourself for a busy, busy year, Pisces! The need to organise both yourself and your budget has never been more necessary. As you go into spring the emphasis is on both home and business. It is an exciting and demanding time when career matters can suddenly take off. Even those still in education can find that events overtake them. Again, planning ahead is essential! All of this excitement is, of course, both tiring and inspiring. Take opportunities as they come and involve family whenever possible. The summer brings involvement in group and family activities. Let others do their fair share. When others want your attention, give time and advice rather than money. You will be even more appreciated for this.

Children are both a source of delight and concern as they stretch their wings and experience new things. They may be confused and need guidance even if they do not ask for it directly. Be sympathetic and friendly rather than authoritarian. Building their independence is a gradual process. Autumn and winter blend into a collection of delights interspersed with awkward moments. By keeping your sense of humour it is possible to do what is necessary without causing too much disturbance. This time is all about appreciating what you have rather than hankering after more. That will come, but at the right time!

Overall: A creative, emotional and ambitious time. Put good finances before good fun.

Aries (March 21 - April 20) This is a year of movement and expansion. Any travel is likely to be in short spurts as you are so busy. Some of it may be in order to work or otherwise improve finances. You alternate between wanting to live for the moment and having a desire for long-term security. You should aim for a mixture of both. Spring brings an urge to throw out old things and buy new. Make some cash on your rejects and try to buy less than you throw away! Friends and loved ones take up the happiest times in the summer, with a possible new member around August. When things go well and you feel content, Aries, there is the tendency to overspend. Also at this time take care of your health by having a good diet and exercise regime. It could be much more fun with a friend! Save a bit for a demanding autumn. This is also a time for romance or even the rekindling of an old love. Something that you take on board from this could turn you in a new and interesting direction. Perhaps something that you have always wanted to do or explore becomes a possibility. Rise above or avoid petty politics. Give yourself the chance to be honest to your beliefs and to the needs of those around you.

Overall: An exciting, loving and progressive year. Relationships bring contentment.

Taurus (April 21 - May 21) A slow and even quiet start is deceptive, for this year is a bit of a slow burner at first. However, once the sparks start to fly, enjoyment grows. It all begins with a willingness to make certain commitments both to yourself and others. A degree of contentment in the spring brings stability and a hunger for forward planning. Keeping active at this time avoids health problems associated with complacency. Get your check-ups, eat well. Finances start to bloom with the flowers in the summer but be sure to save some for larger family demands later. Don’t throw anything away that you can give to others, perhaps through a charity shop. Giving in general is a part of this time and others will appreciate you for it. As the autumn comes, concentrate on relationships and improving them. Those that cannot be improved may need to take up less (or maybe none) of your time. There is success in working with others, especially in your neighbourhood. Winter can be looked forward to as a time to reassess and make fresh plans. Trust your instincts when it comes to any need to change direction, especially with your work.

Overall: A refreshing, challenging and satisfying year. Changes bring knowledge.

Gemini (May 22 - June 21) There is a kind of glow about you as this year begins, Gemini. A feeling of fun seems to follow you everywhere, even at work. You find easier ways of approaching tasks and may even invent something useful. Certainly your mind is sharp. Spring is all about working with others and making rapid progress. Charities may strike a chord with you. Here you may find a calling. As the summer begins, cash flow should improve. Save some and also use some for any health improvements. Be on time with check-ups and resist junk food when busy. At this time you are a magnet for friends and relatives. This is because of your enthusiasm and optimism, something that others can lack at this time. Extra responsibilities come with the autumn but then so does extra income. Enjoy success and learning new skills but also give yourself time to relax. Romance will be strengthened and new love may come through from the past. Do not be afraid to explore your feelings, but be honest with yourself about your needs in the longer term. Be flexible but determined in the winter, when rewards for hard work show themselves. Avoid gambling but go for progress in finances, including savings.

Overall: A challenging, rewarding and personally contented year. Life brings opportunities.

Cancer (June 22 - July 23) An early focus on growing and learning could see you travel. This may be physically or through books and media. Either way, this spring, your horizons are expanding and giving you a new perspective. You think about things that you never did before. There is more questioning of long-held beliefs. Much of these remain the same but with a lighter touch. Around this time you meet someone who gives your career and confidence a boost. The warm summer atmosphere also heralds a softening of attitudes. Looking to the past and present, you gain from experiences and learn to use them in the future. A loving period with a partner brings the desire to move or improve your home. There could be big changes in this area and a great deal of joy. The likelihood of a new member of the family appearing is strong and a joy. People come and go having made their own contribution. Romance continues to delight in the autumn, bringing with it the possibility of a new arrival. Children, even as adults, need your help but can bring fun and contentment. Gently sliding into winter, you find a mellowness. Now you are able to decide exactly what and who you want in your life. Real progress!

Overall: A stimulating, loving and informative year. You can be strong for others.

Leo (July 24 - August 23) The year starts with many changes, mostly relating to work and career. Opportunities are there for the taking. The trick is in taking the right ones. Travel is likely but could conflict with domestic life. Communication is the key here. Talk through any sticking points. It is a lucky spring, bringing as it does the chance to improve finances and status. Enjoy your sudden popularity but also put some cash aside for rainy days (likely in the winter). Promises at work may be unreliable at times but on a personal level, you find reliability and love. Summer is all about friends and relationships. These will often involve group activities. Keep up new friendships and even acquaintances as these will prove invaluable in the future. The more effort and enthusiasm you put into these, the higher the rewards. A bit of soul searching at this time reminds you what is important. Routine health checks and a revamp of your diet may be necessary in the autumn. Keeping in tip-top health is an investment, not a chore. Young family members need more of an input and may become a financial strain. Help them to gain independence in the longer term. The potential for work-related problems heightens in the winter. What is within your power is to work with others to form a loving and supportive framework for the future.

Overall: An enlightening, caring and strengthening year. Experience brings power.

Virgo (August 24 - September 23) A relatively quiet start to the year gives the chance to consider your options. Bring family into the discussion about the direction that you want to go in. A course or work-related training can be very successful at this time. Knowledge is power, especially in the workplace. Travel is likely, although you may learn something invaluable from books and media. Where do your real opportunities lie? Is there something that others are not doing that could improve your finances? Spring gives the time to question and consider. As summer dawns, however, changes in your domestic and romantic life demand attention. There are good times and not so good times, mostly equally balanced. It can be stimulating and exciting to meet personal challenges. Sometimes a steep learning curve spurs you on, sometimes exhausts your enthusiasm. At these times give yourself a breather to enjoy family life and friends. There is a smooth transition into autumn as much the same activities continue. A boost to finances is likely to be from hard work rather than an inheritance or lottery win. Even so, it is certainly welcome! Relatives and children make demands (in the nicest possible way) on your money and time. Make practical choices that benefit the future not just the short term. A splash of romance heralds in the winter. Just when you least expect it, love smiles in your direction. Don’t assume that it will be long lived, but enjoy every moment. Be sure to remember it in the future as you look to repeat happy experiences.

Overall: A bright, enticing and optimistic year. Let others inspire your thoughts and feelings.

Libra (September 24 - October 23) The Libran love of the home and the need for good relationships is well catered for as this year begins. Spring brings not so much romance as friendships. Many of these will be long term. Spring gives you the chance to try new things, especially where work is concerned. Don’t be afraid to push your boundaries and gain new knowledge. Travel can provide enhanced finances, perhaps through buying or selling of property. Money may flow freely but do not overstretch the budget. Spending too much could spoil long-term stability in this area. As the summer arrives, there is an interest in spiritual growth and finding out about alternative choices. This can bring a fresh approach to your whole attitude to life. Some personal doubts are forgotten as you ‘find’ yourself. Early summer brings someone of influence into your life and their company and knowledge serves you well. Do not see this as a romance, however, for their presence is likely to be fleeting. The autumn is a chance to look back over the year so far and make adjustments to your plans. People will come and go as your needs change. An interest in a club or religion brings clarity and satisfaction. This is an endlessly creative time. Those who would paint or write do well. With more time on your hands in the winter, any kind of learning or research is of interest. Perhaps you trace your family roots or find the origins of your home. Certainly, your mind is sparkling!

Overall: An enchanting, exciting and life-changing year. Have the confidence to use your talents.

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22) Relationships of all kinds are the area of best fortune for you in this coming year. Indeed, networking can bring a major boost to finances if you are willing to put in the effort. Of course, people need to know what you expect of them, so be honest and clear. At times you will be dealing with matters that you do not fully understand. Remember that knowledge is power. Be determined to be well prepared in any business situation. In the early summer, more loving relationships become important. These may be fleeting and yet bring their own satisfaction. There is much to learn about yourself and others. The subject is endlessly fascinating to you. Creative projects, if taken seriously, can enhance your reputation and make family and friends proud. You get out what you put in. As autumn arrives, be wary of financial agreements, which must be legally sound. Be sure such undertakings are to your advantage. Go into them only with business partners, not lovers. With success come tensions and keeping healthy must be a priority. Taking up meditation or some stress-busting sport works well. The winter brings its own opportunities. These revolve around young people and perhaps charities. Certainly you find yourself able to improve the lot of others in a big way. Give special attention to young relatives. It is a big learning curve but one that you take to quickly. Satisfaction will be your reward.

Overall: A year of discovery, creativity and personal progress. Using your brain turns the tide.

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21) Your life may at times appear to be overrun with interesting and unexpected people this year. Planning ahead is going to become essential. Even those who prefer to be ‘home birds’ will fly out of their comfort zones from time to time. The spring brings enthusiasm and new beginnings. Confusing at times, emotions become involved easily. Don’t assume that loves will stay around. They may come and go but leave fun and lively experiences in their wake. This will be a summer to sparkle. Friends and colleagues seek you out for your optimism and enthusiasm. Although not always as self-assured as others believe you to be, a keenness to help is much appreciated. There is a tendency, however, for others to put too much on your shoulders, so keep an eye on this area. The need for renewal sees you discard what no longer fits, be it items or people. This is necessary. Give to charity rather than throw away. A strong understanding of your own character and needs comes from this period. Autumn and winter both have a period of looking back and letting go of the past. It has to be done and will free both your mind and spirit in the process. Bring small matters to a conclusion and take care of legal matters including insurances and agreements. Good health is your real gold. Ensure it.

Overall: A demanding, emotional and spontaneous year. Ties with others bring both success and drama.