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Stamford businessman recognised for making food last longer

A Stamford businessman has been recognised for how he helps make food last longer.

Chris Holland has received a Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s Processing and Packaging Machinery Association Group (PPMG) Industry Awards.

His passion for the food industry stems back to his father’s business Peter Holland Food Machinery entering the market in 1966, specialising in using heat to pasteurise and sterilise food.

Chris Holland of Holmach Ltd (23832810)
Chris Holland of Holmach Ltd (23832810)

Chris, who is 52, joined the team in 1986 after graduating university and at 23 joined the PPMA board. In 2000, he them bought a subsidiary from the parent company, creating Holmach Ltd, which focussed on ‘thermal processing’ of food.

“This is basically pasteurisation and sterilisation to help food manufacturers make food taste better, look better and make it safe to eat.”

“We design the processes to make it safe, extend the shelf life, without changing the flavour or the colours.”

Over the past decade, under the leader of Chris and Niki Holland, Chris has continued to develop and design technologies for use by food processing companies to maximise shelf life and minimise food waste.

“Half-a-million meals a year will never get to the supermarket shelves. Often they go out of date before the retailer has chance to sell them.

“By cooking the product in the container rather than cooking it and then putting it in a tray, you can give it extra shelf life. Because you are doing it in a closed container, there is no chance of contamination.”

Chris said of his award: “This is an honour to our ongoing industry research into providing safe and environmentally friendly solutions for food processing and packaging. I am proud to represent a company that is holding the flag in providing the most innovative and efficient technological solutions to market trends in the UK food industry.”

Chris added his firm will launch new technologies in the New Year at an industry event in Birmingham. There will also be new products using compostable material, rather than plastics.

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