Christian Corner: Facing adversity and rising to the challenge

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There are certain people in this life who we admire.

While on retreat last year I decide one evening at supper to have a nice slice of treacle tart and custard. So as I pour on the custard I meet Matt.

Matt is a curate from Holy Trinity in south London. Matt has no fat. Why? Because Matt has just completed a 161 mile run in less than 48 hours, after swimming the English Channel and cycling backwards from Land‘s End to John O Groats. You just have to admire such people and in my case be truly inspired to ensure I have that second slice of treacle tart.

There are people who you can truly admire, people who face adversity and rise to the challenge. Some lose their jobs, their homes and yet still find new life and new hope. They go off to unheard of parts of the world, help build orphanages or work with homeless folk bringing them hope and new life.

A lot of people admire Jesus. He heals, he teaches, he feeds, he bleeds and he even dies. Things started out bright and shiny, folk loved him but then he got busted, his mates deserted him and he died. But then he rose from the dead. He continues to inspire people once again.

If you want to be a Matt you have to put down the treacle tart alas, and get round to some serious exercise and training. If you want to follow Jesus it’s alright to go to church, to sing lovely hymns, to listen to interesting sermons but at some stage you are going have to start talking as he talked, caring as he cared and living as he lived. Jesus does not want admirers he wants followers.

Vyv Wainwright

Reader- Oakham Team Ministry