Christian Corner: Jesus in our everyday lives

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Christianity believes in the risen Lord Jesus who was crucified on Good Friday, placed in a tomb and rose from the dead on Easter Day.

He ascended into heaven and in doing so showed to us our own future, that we may have eternal life.

This means that Christian faith looks to a future in heaven, eternity with God. It might also mean that Christianity has no time for this world, that life on earth is just killing time whilst we await our destiny.

But Jesus, after his resurrection, didn’t just skip straight on to heaven. Instead, he appeared on earth, doing very ordinary things: he shared breakfast with his disciples after they finished a night working on their fishing boats, he joined them on a journey to a neighbouring town, he shared dinner with them.

By appearing to the disciples in the midst of their everyday lives he shows us that his whole life on earth was not merely a means to an end – the time he had to get through before he could come to the cross – but was part of what he came for.

Christianity isn’t just about the future but also about now; it doesn’t just look for Jesus in heaven but in everyday life. And it finds him healing the sick, caring for the poor, speaking out against injustice and teaching his friends to live in love and peace.

May we always find Jesus in these same places in our lives.

The Rev Dr Dominic Coad

Curate to the Oakham Team Ministry