Christian Corner: Pastor Trevor Wilson, Oakham Congregational Church

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No man is an island. We are all influenced, to a greater or lesser degree, by so many things.

What we see, or read. By parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and our friends. So very many experiences go in to make us who we are.

You hold a block of metal in your hand. And it’s solid. Yet within the metal there are molecules or atoms, all moving by laws of their own.

If you press a block of pure gold against a block of pure silver, when you separate them, they seem completely unchanged.

But a good physical chemist, will show you that where they have been in contact, invisible flecks of gold have wandered across the structural barrier and buried themselves in the silver block.

And atoms of silver have also crossed the same barrier and passed into the block of gold.

It’s the same with us. When people are pressed close they act in the same way. Part of you crosses the barrier and enters their lives, and part of them enters your life.

This is often done without our thinking about it at all. Long after you forget the names and faces, they are still part of you.

Sometimes it is frightening to think that every person you have ever hated or feared or run away from is part of what makes you tick and click!

But then the other side is just as wonderfully true - so is every person you have learned from and every friend you ever knew and everyone you ever loved. God bless you.

Pastor Trevor Wilson, Oakham Congregational Church.