Christians against poverty tackle debt problems in Stamford

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A CHARITY has opened a new centre to help people struggling with debt.

Christians Against Poverty has opened 37 new church-based debt centres across the country, including one at Christ Church in Green Lane, Stamford. This is in partnership with St George’s Church.

Stamford centre manager Simon Jary said: “Members of our congregations were becoming more and more concerned about people finding it really tough to keep their heads above water.

“Among them there are those already at crisis point, not eating or sleeping properly with the stress of being hounded for money they don’t have. The Bible speaks very clearly about looking after the poor and in 2011 this is what it looks like and we refuse to let them go under.

“We know it’s the hardest thing in the world to ask for help but we want people to know that however bad a situation can look, there is a tried and tested way out and it starts with putting the kettle on, taking a deep breath and then ringing our helpline, 0800 328 0006, to speak to someone who really cares.”