Christmas donation for the Butterfield Centre in Bourne

Pictured, Jo Sunner and  Butterfield Centre manager Debbie Hague
Pictured, Jo Sunner and Butterfield Centre manager Debbie Hague
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Christmas came early for a centre which helps elderly people when it received the kind donation of a huge 17lb turkey.

Osteopath Jo Sunner ordered the turkey from a farm at Witham-on-the-Hill but when his plans for Christmas Day changed, rather than cancel the plump bird, he generously decided to give it away to a good cause in the town.

He contacted The Local newspaper for help and after a few phone calls, the Butterfield Centre in Bourne, was delighted to accept the kind gift. Jo is due to deliver the tasty turkey to the centre today.

Jo, who is based at the Hereward Medical Centre in Exeter Street, was delighted to have found a home for the bird. It cost about £80 and is expected to feed more than 20 people.

He said: “Because it is coming from a local farmer, I didn’t want to cancel it and I was determined to give it away to a good cause. We have had our turkeys from that farm for years and they are absolutely delicious. I can vouch for that.

“I am delighted the Butterfield Centre is going to put it to good use. It is a fantastic cause.”

The centre, which has been running for more than 20 years, provides a range of activities and facilities for elderly people, including freshly prepared meals and refreshments, chiropody services and a domestic cleaning service.

A meals on wheels service, which usually runs on week days, is also based at the centre and people who have been referred to the centre by social services can get a hot meal delivered. For the first time this year, the Butterfield Centre will provide the service on Christmas Day thanks to the efforts of a volunteer who will give up her morning to deliver the dinners.

About 15 people will be accepting meals on the big day and tucking into a delicious traditional turkey dinner.

Centre manager Debbie Hague said: “This turkey will be a big help to us and will go a long way towards our meals on wheels service.

“It is very kind of Jo to give it to us and we are extremely grateful to him. We rely on donations to keep going - but they are not usually of turkeys!”