Clear-up starts after illegal rave in Twyford Wood near Colsterworth

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THOUSANDS of people attended an illegal rave at the weekend leaving an estimated clear-up cost of several thousand pounds in their wake.

Police were called to Twyford Wood near Colsterworth on Saturday night following complaints of noise from residents nearby.

No arrests were made but officers from Lincolnshire Police monitored the site until the groups dispersed.

There had been reports that the rave was expected to continue until Tuesday but the site was clear by Sunday evening.

The revellers left broken glass and large amounts of rubbish bags at the site.

The Forestry Commission, which owns the land, said it may cost several thousand pound to clear-up the mess.

Commission recreation ranger Cheryl Joyce said: “We had no idea it was going to happen and the first we heard of it was when we got the call from police but it was too late to do anything.

“We’ve now just got masses of rubbish bags to clear-up and there’s a huge amount of broken glass.

“We’ll need to get a sweeper to clean up the glass and hire a skip for the rubbish. It could cost us several thousand pounds, which will leave us considerably out of pocket.

“It’s just a real inconvenience to us and must be for everyone else in the area who had to put up with it.”

It is believed that the crowds got into the wood by breaking the main barrier to the site.

Lincolnshire Police is looking to work with the Forestry Commission on how to improve security at the site.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said: “A significant amount of people attended the site and this led to complaints from people in the area.

“Officers took the decision to stand off and monitor the event due to the huge amount of resources that would have been needed to intervene.

“It’s not the first time an incident like this has happened there and meetings are taking place with the Forestry Commission on how to bolster security on the site.”