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YouTube inventor, Colin Furze from Stamford, teams up with Gary Lineker and Peter Bleksley, from Hunted, to film a sponsored video on the best places to hide Walkers Crisps around the home

Footballing royalty has teamed up with a YouTube internet sensation inventor to come up with the best places to hide crisps.

Gary Lineker has been filming with Colin Furze, Stamford’s very own YouTube inventor with more than eight million subscribers, as part of a sponsored video to showcase the best places to hide Walkers Crisps, courtesy of some ingenuous inventions from Colin.

The video was shot in the bunker in Colin’s garden in Stamford, which doubles as his own mad workshop.

Colin Furze with Gary Lineker and Peter Bleksley
Colin Furze with Gary Lineker and Peter Bleksley

He said: “It’s weird when people like that come round to my workshop but I’ve had quite a few famous people in over the years.

“I think it’s more weird for them really because they don’t know what to fully expect but Gary was a really good sport.

“I don’t think he had been told too much about it but got into it as time went on and he was a really nice bloke.

Colin Furze with Wotsits, his favourite crisps that have been hidden in a book
Colin Furze with Wotsits, his favourite crisps that have been hidden in a book

“It was quite funny when he was doing that groan and he was eating crisps all day but I suppose he has been doing that for 20 years now.

“It was Walkers that approached me and asked me to come up with these ideas.

“It’s part of a sponsored YouTube video that will be appearing on my channel but they are running an advertising campaign too.

“You can get more views than the television with YouTube for some things so we’ll see how this goes.

“Obviously you can’t have the crisps anywhere near places like the microwave or toaster but the secret is to hide them where nobody will be looking.

“Like the door, for instance. Who thinks to look in a door?

“Simplicity is the best way forward when trying to hide crisps.”

Colin invented four devices that hides packs of crisps in everyday household items and furnishings.

There’s the Where’s-The-Wotsits Mystery Door where a hidden compartment inside a door where a hidden magnetic pulley dispenses four bags of Wotsits.

The Quaver-Saver Stash Lamp uses the shade to conceal motorised snack draws and The Monster-Munching Telly Box conceals a crisp rack and out comes five packs of Monster Munch.

The public can also have a go at making The Sneaky-Snack Stasher that utilises a secret compartment within an old book that has an electromagnet known as the ‘Sneaky Snack Lock’.

The book will only be able to open with a special remote.

Colin worked with Peter Bleksley, who is best known for being ‘The Chief’ on Channel Four’s Hunted and also a former Metropolitan Police undercover detective, to develop the snack hiding devices.

Peter used his experience to identify the places and items that people will be least likely to search for snacks around the home.

He helped Colin to come up with a scoring system based on the least likely places for people to search in the house, which inspired Colin to invent the four snack-hiding devices.

It follows research by Walkers that found after two-thirds of Brits revealed they have to hide their snacks to stop others eating them, and two in five said they would be interested in a device to protect them.

Colin said his favourite crisps were Wotsits.

Anyone who would like to have a go at creating their own Sneaky Snack Stasher to protect their snacks can do so by downloading blueprints and a simple self-assembly manual at www.colinfurze.com.

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