Come Dine With Me joint winner Nimon Davey tells all about his week of “surreal fun”

Photo: SM170712-010ow'Nimon Davey, from Toll Bar, who appeared on TV show Come Dine With Me.
Photo: SM170712-010ow'Nimon Davey, from Toll Bar, who appeared on TV show Come Dine With Me.
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HE dressed up in nothing more than lederhosen, sported a dodgy 80s mullet and belted up as captain of the cockpit before being crowned joint winner of TV show Come Dine With Me.

Managing director Nimon Davey, of Toll Bar, Great Casterton, took off his suit and left the office to entertain millions of viewers on Sunday night’s Channel 4 programme in which he took home a share of the £1,000 prize for his three dishes.

Nimon served up a menu of broccoli and salmon fish cakes, filet mignon and banoffee pie, and was given two eights and a five for his efforts by his guests.

Although he felt aggrieved not to be the outright winner, Nimon described the experience as a week of “surreal fun”.

“It was my 15 minutes of fame that I’ll never forget,” he said.

“When you’re on the show you just don’t know what is going to be shown because it’s so heavily edited, but I was happy with the way I came across and I’ve been pleased with the response I’ve had.

“I’ve had so many people who I don’t even know sending me friend requests on Facebook, writing things about me on Twitter. It’s all a bit surreal.”

The 32-year-old announced himself in style on the first night of the competition, arriving at host Claire Mazurek’s house in Peterborough in nothing more than a skimpy lederhosen for the German-themed night.

Nimon has confessed that when he purchased the outfit online, it originally came with a red checkered shirt, but moments before filming, he was told he could not wear the shirt due to visibility difficulties, much to his embarrassment.

He said: “I saw it online and thought it would be a good laugh and a great ice-breaker. But then when I turned up at the house one of the producer’s said I couldn’t wear the shirt.

“I was desperate for something to wear but the female producer just smiled and said ‘get it off and get in the house’.

“I was out of my comfort zone but it was a great laugh.”

Despite finding a friend in fellow contestant Karen Hingston, Nimon did not get on well with Claire, and had heated arguments with Kristian Beckham, who scored him the five which denied him victory.

Nimon said: “I wanted to get to know them but they just didn’t give me a chance. I got on really well with Karen because she was just a lovely person and she was herself, whereas I felt the others were putting on a show for the cameras.”

Nimon was nominated to go on the show by his fiancee Lisa Russon, 29. He said he would be giving his prize money to her for all the help she gave him in preparing for each night during the week.