Concerned residents in Uppingham call for one-way street

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Residents have expressed their concerns about a busy road and believe that action should be taken to make it safer.

The majority of people living in Spring Back Way, Uppingham, have said they would want their road to be made a one-way street in a survey to ease congestion.

The survey was carried out by the Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum on behalf of Uppingham Town Council after questions were raised at a previous town council meeting.

Residents believe that the road becomes too narrow for two lanes of traffic to pass when vehicles are parked along it. They say many motorists park along the road to drop of children at nearby Uppingham School or for working in the town.

Out of the 15 people who filled in the survey, which is 65 per cent of residents, 12 said they would be in favour of the one-way system. Residents also stated that the traffic should be directed away from London Road to stop Spring Back Way being used as a cut through route.

Geoff Maskell, who lives in Spring Back Way, said: “Traffic builds up along here because it’s used as a rat run.

“The road is often restricted to one lane from Monday to Friday and this causes problems with traffic coming from both directions. The logical way to go is a one-way system because I don’t think the council will restrict parking.”

The findings of the survey were announced at a meeting of the Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum on Wednesday evening.

Forum coordinator Ron Simpson said the next course of action was for the town council and Rutland County Council’s highways department to undertake a site visit to see the problem and make recommendations to full county council.

Mr Simpson said: “Clearly the residents are pushing for it to be a one-way street.

“They had expressed their concerns and said it is so narrow, especially with cars parked on down there, and many driving through the town use it as a cut through to London Road. They clearly believe it is unsafe and a one-way system seems to be the answer according the results from the survey we carried out.

“It’s up to the county council to have a look at the situation, share the findings with full council and make recommendations.”

The site inspection is due to be carried out by the end of the month.