Concerts are a treat for the young ones

Ellie Turner and her daughter Artemis, 14 months
Ellie Turner and her daughter Artemis, 14 months
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A mother and professional harpist has set up a new venture to bring the delights of music to the youngest generation.

Ellie Turner, 30, of Stamford, began holding small concerts for babies and toddlers in order to expose them to music at an early age.

Known as Cosy Concerts, the shows have been growing in popularity and both parents and their children have enjoyed the new experiences they have encountered.

Ellie is now looking ahead to her next season of concerts in the autumn and hopes to see bigger audiences and a wider range of performers.

She said: “We’re building up a steady flow of regulars and occasional audience members, obviously depending on when they’re on and if people are working or not.

“I was particularly encouraged at my last concert, not just because of an increased attendance, but because there was such a fantastic atmosphere and the children loved it so much.”

One child at the last concert really stood out. Ellie said the youngster had a reputation as a bit of a tearaway.

But she added: “It was amazing to see how, now he’s used to the music and the relaxed atmosphere, he was able to be calm and listen to the concert, then enjoyed trying out the harp for ages afterwards.”