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Conduct of parking wardens queried after Stamford councillor issued with ticket

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A Stamford town councillor has questioned the conduct of Lincolnshire County Council parking wardens after receiving a ticket, despite claiming to have a permit on display.

Harrish Bisnauthsing received a £50 parking ticket on Monday, January 14 for overstaying the allotted two-hour time period while his vehicle was parked in St George’s Square.

Harrish Bisnauthsing Photo: Andrew Stone (7003687)
Harrish Bisnauthsing Photo: Andrew Stone (7003687)

However, Harrish, who lives in nearby St Georges Street, said he had bought an annual Resident Parking Permit every year since 2016 and the most recent was clearly displayed on the top left hand side of his windscreen at the time the fine was issued.

He has raised concerns that some motorists who are legitimately parked could be receiving and paying fines because it was less hassle than appealing them.

Harrish said he had received “a few” complaints to this effect from traders working in the town who claimed they had been unfairly fined.

“My car had been parked in the spot since the Sunday and I only noticed the ticket when I went to it on the Thursday,” he said.

“I have an annual parking permit displayed on the window of the vehicle which has been valid since February last year and is only up for renewal on February 28 of this year.”

He wrote a letter appealing the fine and included photographs of the permit on his windscreen.

However, he received a reply saying that it was insufficient proof and that he was still liable to pay it.

Harrish said he did not understand why he had to prove his innocence instead of the council having to prove he was guilty.

“The onus should not be on the motorist to prove they are not in the wrong, it should be up to Lincolnshire County Council to furnish the proof they are guilty,” he said.

“The wardens are supposed to take pictures of the vehicle they are ticketing and I have now requested a copy of the picture because I am sure you will be able to see the permit in the window.

“This is causing me undue anxiety and hassle and I have received a few complaints from traders working around town saying they had also been fined despite having permits displayed.”

Harrish said he had brought the matter up at a Stamford Town Council meeting, however the council does not have jurisdiction over the matter.

“My concern is about how many people that are legitimately parked are being fined unfairly and just go ahead and pay the amount instead of trying to fight it” he said.

“This is an issue that needs to be looked at.”

Lincolnshire County Council parking services manager Matt Jones said: “The ticket in question has been appealed.

“When issuing a ticket, the parking wardens take photographs as evidence, and we will be reviewing these before making a decision on the appeal.”

- What do you think? Have you been ticketed when you’re displaying a resident permit? E-mail: smeditor@stamfordmercury.co.uk with your views.

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