Container leaves for Sri Lanka

Rotary Club of Stamford sends donations to Sri Lanka. By Lee Hellwing.
Rotary Club of Stamford sends donations to Sri Lanka. By Lee Hellwing.
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A container of donated books and sewing machines weighing ten and a half thousand tons has been sent to Sri Lanka.

Since 2006, the Rotary Club of Stamford has been collecting items from residents to send to children of Sri Lanka after the government in the country said teaching English was mandatory in all state schools.

On Thursday last week, the container began its journey from the hangar where it was stored at Copthill Farm, Uffington, to Kandy, a major city in Sri Lanka.

Tony Wakefield, of the Rotary Club, said: “We have given Sri Lankan children the chance to get an education, it just makes all the difference to their lives.”

He added it was important the Sri Lankan children learn English as the country is heavily dependent on tourism.

Once in Sri Lanka the books will be distributed by The Rotary Club of Kandy.

The container includes 150 sewing machines, which will be given to families so they can set up sewing businesses, as well as teaching and children’s books

A team from RAF Wittering used forklifts to load the books into the container.

A team from Cummins Generator Technologies in Stamford packed the sewing machines into crates donated by the firm.

Eggs suppliers Plants Eggs of Bainton provided 300 boxes to pack the books.