Cottesmore Hunt secretary praises public for support of Boxing Day hunt in Oakham

Boxing Day Hunt in Oakham'Photo: Lee Hellwing
Boxing Day Hunt in Oakham'Photo: Lee Hellwing
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The secretary of Cottesmore Hunt has praised the public for their support following the traditional Boxing Day Hunt.

Clare Bell said she was overwhelmed to see crowds lining the Market Place in Oakham, including Mill Street and the Buttercross to wave the traditional hunt off in bright sunshine.

She said it was “impossible to gauge” how many people were there on foot. About 60 members of the hunt took part on horseback with dogs surrounding them before they set off for the day.

Clare said: “It was absolutely amazing - there was such a nice atmosphere.

“Of course, you are always going to get people who don’t like hunting and it is one of the most emotive subjects to talk about but to have people come along to show that support for the Cottesmore was really pleasing.

“The hunt is a huge part of the community and Rutland is all about the countryside so I think that is why.

“We all really appreciated it.”

A collection by For Rutland in Rutland raised just shy of £1,000.