Council agrees to review Northorpe speed limit

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A village’s long fight appears to have paid off after a council announced it will look into reducing the speed of limit on a busy road.

Residents in Northorpe had been campaigning with Thurlby Parish Council for the 60mph speed limit on the A15 through the village to be reduced to 40mph.

Barry Dobson, who is chairman of the parish council, had urged Lincolnshire County Council to take action after highlighting the dangers of the road poses to children and elderly people in the village.

In response to his concerns, Lincolnshire County Council revealed this week it will promote a speed limit following an assessment of the road by the council’s road safety partnership.

Coun Dobson was pleased with the news.

He said: “I’m delighted with the response and intention of Lincolnshire County Council.

“It’s a very positive response we’ve had.

“I will be waiting to see when the council actually enforces the limit but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

“We have children and elderly residents who have to cross the road for the bus and to get to the church and it is very dangerous.

“It’s been a very long fight but it’s great to see our views are now being taken onboard. I thank everyone who has helped in our fight.”

The village’s campaign has been running for a number of years but previous requests for a speed reduction had been rejected.

Acting on advice from MP Nick Boles, Coun Dobson had called a meeting to generate support for the campaign and express the parish’s views to the county council.

The meeting was due to be held on Friday next week at Lawrence Park Hall but this has now been postponed in light of the council’s decision.

Lincolnshire County Council has imposed restrictions of 40mph in Thurlby, Baston and Langtoft, and installed pelican crossings in Baston and Langtoft.

Coun Dobson is still asking for crossings to be introduced in both Northorpe and Thurlby.

Lincolnshire County Council has said it will review the current policies on the provision of pedestrian crossings. In a letter of response from Coun William Webb, who is Lincolnshire County Council’s executive councillor for highways and transport, he said that the work would not be carried out until after the council’s forthcoming elections in May.