Council approves new plans for subsidised parking in Uppingham

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SUBSIDISED parking in Uppingham could continue after the town council approved new plans on Wednesday.

The council has been in discussion with Rutland County Council about subsidising parking in the pay-and-display car parks permanently following a successful six-month trial last year.

On Wednesday it was agreed that the town council would once again subsidise parking at 20p for one hour and 10p for two hours for a minimum of nine months from March, which will cost the town £6,400.

Deputy mayor Dave Casewell of North Street West, Uppingham, said: “This decision will enable parking prices to remain as they are now and are guaranteed for nine months.

“There will be ongoing negotiation about the future of parking in Uppingham throughout.”

In six months the council will look to increase the minimum subsidy time to 12 months which will cost £8,543 in total.

The decision has now been passed to Rutland County Council to approve.

The town council has already invested £4,500 into subsidising parking in order to improve foot fall in the town which dropped when the county council increased parking charges in 2010.

Parking for one hour increased from 10p to 40p and from 40p to £1.10 for two hours. The subsidy means parking rates will remain at 20p for one hour and £1 for two hours for at least nine months.

Mr said: “The town council is very pleased to have come to some resolution. We would prefer not to make a subsidy at all but to keep the high street vibrant it is necessary.

“It all hinges on the long-term negotiations. We hope this contribution will ensure Uppingham continues to be a great place to live and work.”

The county council will next meet on February 13.