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Independent councillor for Oakham North West resigns from Rutland County Council to achieve better work-life balance

An independent county councillor has handed in his resignation so he can continue to have a positive impact on the community.

While councillors may resign for a whole host of different reasons, it was Adam Lowe's hectic schedule which caused him to step back from the role serving the Oakham North West ward.

He claims it was 'a work-life balance decision' due to a recent change of schedule and that resigning will allow someone with less current commitments to embrace the role.

Former Oakham Mayor Adam Lowe with Lord-Lieutenant Dr Sarah Furness in 2019. Photo: Lee Hellwing
Former Oakham Mayor Adam Lowe with Lord-Lieutenant Dr Sarah Furness in 2019. Photo: Lee Hellwing

"I do a lot of other stuff within the community with different organisations and trustees for charities, I'm also an Oakham Town Council parish councillor," he said.

"Work has got quite busy recently so I'm struggling to juggle all my day appointments and I've used nearly all of my leave with council stuff."

Outside of work in the probation service and local politics, Adam spends a lot of time in his local church and volunteers with charities such as Rutland Grants, Briggs and Key Safe Care.

Adam Lowe
Adam Lowe

However, despite having numerous roles with different organisations, resigning from Rutland County Council was the right decision for him as it is more 'structured'.

Adam said: "With parish councils you can have a decision. You have an idea and bring it to council and get that seal of approval and deliver it.

"I've delivered three or four projects over 11 years that have had a direct impact on the community.

"We have a limited amount of time on planet earth so I find that it's more rewarding than hours of debate to find out the council is not going to do something.

"My skill set it better suited to the town council."

In his time serving on Rutland County Council since 2018, Adam's highlight has been working with other councillors and the council officers, particularly the chief executive.

He said: "It's working with people like that, they are real professionals and really know their stuff."

Adding: "A lot of people think debate is an argument. They think disputes are councillors falling out but it's actually classed as healthy debate."

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