Councillors outline views on housing for the future

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A council wants to see small housing developments as the town grows.

Uppingham Town Council met last week to discuss the potential plans outlined by the Rutland County Council as part of its local development framework which will guide development of the area over the next 25 years.

There are a number of sites that have been considered such as Seaton Road, Leicester Road, The Quadrant and Queen Street.

Instead of there being one large development in the town the town council agreed that it would recommend smaller developments that would fit in with the image of the town.

They also said that they would like to develop the shop frontages in the town centre so that High Street East is not considered to be the main shopping area.

They want to extend the town into High Street West, Orange Street, Queen Street and further down High Street East instead of just focusing on the Market Place area.

Coun Robin Schlich of North Street West, Uppingham, said: “The town council spent a very long time looking at the proposals for Uppingham site by site and made recommendations in favour of smaller developments because the council is anxious to avoid the development of one large site.

“The nature of the town and the land around it is more suited to smaller developments rather than one large block of houses.

“It also identified some sites for development which had not been recommended in the original document.

“We identified that we would like a mix of affordable housing alongside other dwellings.”

The town council has recommended and commented on suggested developments in Leicester Road, Queens Road, The Quadrant, Gipsy Hollow, and Branston Road including Farleigh Gardens.

Sites in Seaton Road, Glaston Road, Ayston Road, The Beeches, car parks in the town and other parts of Branston Road were objected to for reasons that included traffic problems and dangerous access.

Residents in Uppingham put together a forward plan for the town a few years ago and in it stated that the development of a bypass would be a possibility.

The town council considered the development site with that in mind and did not support developments that would impact on the development of the bypass in years to come.

The county council is currently in consultation about developments around the county as part of its plans core strategy.

For more information about the allocated sited in the Local Development Framework put together by Rutland County Council visit