Couple open sushi restaurant

Fish Tank Sushi restaurant in Oakham. By Lee Hellwing
Fish Tank Sushi restaurant in Oakham. By Lee Hellwing
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Sam and Romy at Fish Tank Sushi Photo: Lee Hellwing

Fish Tank Sushi, run by Romy and Sam Letteri, opened its doors last Friday (September 1) and is offering vegetarian, fish and meat options on its menu as well as a range of smoothies.

The pair have worked in the tour catering industry for the past 10 years with Sam acting as a personal chef and Romy as a dressing room coordinator but have decided to leave their old life behind to open up the restaurant.

Sam and Romy have launched the restaurant in Baker’s Yard, because they feel there is a lack of vegetarian friendly caterers in the town and so they can spend more time with their two young daughters.

Romy said: “People do not always want to go for a burger because they do not want to feel heavy the next day. We are providing another alternative.

“It [sushi] is just becoming increasingly popular. We have two young children, Sam was sometimes going away for two months at a time and we just thought this was a good idea.

“The whole point of us doing this is to be a family unit again.

“We have had a really successful opening weekend just thanks to the public.

“ We are so delighted and excited to be here. The whole community in Rutland are so supportive. I have never lived anywhere where the people are so supportive and warm.”

The restaurant operates a strict no-booking policy and provides customers with an allergy sheet to make them aware of foods which are unsuitable to eat.

Sam has spent five years living and working in Asia and helped set up Ibiza Rocks, an entertainment firm based in Ibiza.

He is a specialist in sushi and juice drinks, and has been employed as personal chef to Take That, Olly Murs, Bastille and Elton John

As a dressing room assistant, Romy did vegan baking and prepared smoothies for stars such as Olly Murs and and she thinks that her experience means she is able to conjure up an exciting and healthy menu.

“We think so many people decide to make a smoothie by just shoving stuff [vegetables and fruit] into a machine and think they are being very healthy. But we have researched it thoroughly. ”

The restaurant is open between 10am and 6pm Monday to Thursday and 10am to 10pm Fridays and Saturdays.