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Rutland-based business continues to boom after success of the Thumble product

A Rutland-based business is continuing to boom after years of hard work by a husband and wife.

Inspired by the birth of their first son in 2013, Rebecca and Mark Saker created a wearable baby nail file after finding nail clippers difficult to use.

They say that their unique design ‘Thumble’ allows people to ‘feed, cuddle and read’ to their baby as they file to keep them content.

The Thumble
The Thumble

After launching Baby Nails as an official business in October 2015, the pair have watched it continue to grow.

“We thought it would be a side line,” said Mark. “We never thought it would be what it is today.

“As we have grown we’ve got into different market places and distributing around the world.”

Rebecca and Mark Saker, founders of Baby Nails
Rebecca and Mark Saker, founders of Baby Nails

Rebecca added: “Over the past five years the return has gone up by 45 per cent year by year.

“It’s not going to be the same this year because of everyone with covid and Brexit but we feel confident the following year we can get that back.”

Last year, their product was given a welcome boost after being featured on influencer Mrs Hinch’s Instagram story, which resulted in ‘sales going through the roof’.

Mrs Hinch - known on Instagram as ‘@mrshinchhome’ and real name Sophie Hinchliffe - recently showed her 4.1m followers that the Thumble is still an essential in her baby bag with the impending arrival of her second child.

Rebecca and Mark have also taken the opportunity to move into an office in Oakham to achieve a better work-life balance.

Rebecca said: “We worked from an office at home for five years. I think working from home used to be something everyone aspired to do but over the last year when everyone was forced to, the novelty has lost its touch.”

Mark added: “Especially in the last year with the children it’s been very difficult with home schooling.

“We do work very well together. Our friends don’t believe how we manage it!”

In August last year, the pair officially got a patent - a legal right which prevents others from making, using, or selling an invention -for the product.

Rebecca said: “It took six years to get and was a long, drawn-out process.

“It was a bit of a surprise because we started the application then you forget about it so when it finally comes through it’s like ‘wow’.

“It’s nice to know you are the official inventor of a product.”

For more information on the business - which won the Best New Start-Up category at the Mercury Business Awards 2018 - visit: www.baby-nails.co.uk.

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