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Crime figures for Rutland show burglaries and anti-social behaviour fell

Burglary and anti-social behaviour are two types of crimes that have fallen since last year, according to the latest police figures.

The performance summary for Rutland police, measuring April 2019 to January 2020, shows there were 101 burglaries from homes and businesses, compared with 123 in the same period of the previous year.

Similarly, reported incidents of anti-social behaviour fell from 154 to 129.

PC Laurie Appleton, PCSO Olivia Dutton and PC Pete Icke (29521411)
PC Laurie Appleton, PCSO Olivia Dutton and PC Pete Icke (29521411)

Police put the reduction in burglaries down to improved technology used to discourage and catch criminals, including automatic numberplate recognition (ANPR) used by the police, and CCTV cameras used by some business and homeowners.

PC Laurie Appleton said: "We don't have too many people living in Rutland and committing crimes such as burglaries, but we do have people coming through the county, and this is where detection methods such as the ANPR can help to trace them."

He added that a 'multi-agency' approach to anti-social behaviour was also having a positive effect on crime, thanks to the fact that housing agencies can deal a swifter blow to those who step out of line.

Oakham police station (29521403)
Oakham police station (29521403)

"An example is in cannabis use," said PC Appleton. "People have moved away from smoking cannabis in car parks and have taken its use into private dwellings.

"For neighbours this can be a real issue because the smell is very potent and people don't want to be subjected to it.

"Housing providers have a lower threshold as to what they will allow to go on in their properties, and they don't have to persuade a jury that illegal drugs were being used 'beyond reasonable doubt'.

"As a result, the threat of losing the tenancy can be enough to make some people think again about carrying on this sort of behaviour."

Theft from vehicles dropped following the arrest of a gang that targeted vans in Stamford and Rutland last year.

Meanwhile, the theft of vehicles has increased slightly because of criminals stealing quad bikes from farms and rural homes.

Rutland's rural crime Whatsapp group is allowing residents to share sightings of suspicious activity, helping to prevent people falling victim to crime.

Some crimes have increased, including criminal damage, which went from 135 incidents to 164.

Shoplifting also increased, with additional cases of criminals coming into Rutland to steal alcohol and high-value shop goods.

Overall there was a total of 1,324 crimes in Rutland in the recent period, compared with 1,333 last year.

Crime: (previous year) current year

Total crime: (1333) 1324

Residential burglary: (72) 69

Business and community burglary: (51) 32

Theft from motor vehicle: (193) 117

Theft of motor vehicle: (29) 31

Violence with injury: (90) 126

Domestic violence with injury: (28) 31

Criminal damage: (135) 164

Shoplifting: (37) 45

Hate crime: 8 (10)

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