Alert as thieves target vehicles across Stamford and Bourne

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POLICE are appealing for witnesses to a spate of thefts involving vehicles.

Thieves have been targeting number plates, catalytic converters, diesel and other items across Stamford and Bourne in the past week.

In Stamford, catalytic converters were stolen from two vehicles in Irnham Road, between 6.30pm and midnight on Monday and from a van in Elizabeth Road, from 8pm on Monday to 7am on Tuesday.

On Tuesday night, another catalytic converter was taken from a vehicle in Elizabeth Road.

Catalytic converters are found beneath vehicles, connected to the exhaust.

Number plates were stolen from a vehicle in Foundry Road on Monday.

Diesel was also taken on Monday night from farming and country supplies company CWG in Uffington Road.

On Wednesday, a mobile phone and a laptop were stolen from two vehicles in Oak Road and clothing was taken from two vehicles in Elgar Way.

About 500 litres of red diesel was siphoned from a JCB digger in Morton Fen, between 3pm on Friday, February 10 and 8am on Monday, February 13.

About 80 litres of diesel was also siphoned from a vehicle off Cherry Holt Road, Bourne, sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.

PC Debbie Bowen from Stamford police said: “In the last week we have had a number of incidents whereby items have been stolen from both inside and outside of vehicles.

“Catalytic converters have been removed from exhaust systems and number plates have been taken.

“Items stolen from inside the vehicles have ranged from fuel, clothing, tools, laptops and mobile phones.

“We would like to say to the minority of people who think they can get away with taking items from other people’s property that we will be looking for you.

“Vehicle crime has an adverse economic effect to the local community, and we are urging local residents to ensure that their vehicles are not left vulnerable to opportunist crimes.”

Anyone with information about the thefts should call police on the new 101 phone number, or alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.