Be on alert for woods poachers

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DOG walkers and have been encouraged to report signs of poachers to police.

A number of people have reported seeing deer parts placed in trees alongside pathways in woods around Castle Bytham.

Rangers and police have linked the sightings to poachers, who head to the woods to kill deer for venison.

Forestry Commission chief wildlife ranger Karl Ivens said: “Poaching has been around for a while, and because we have a high deer population it is easy for poachers to find them.

“Morkery Wood is quite easy to access and we do not have rangers patrolling at night. It’s a struggle to police.

“We have had a number of reports of body parts being placed in trees, and we have found whole carcasses dumped in the car park in the past.

“We clear any remains away as soon as we find them, people shouldn’t have to see things like that when they are walking through the wood. It seems like the poachers just leave remains there to upset people.”

PC Nigel Lound, wildlife officer for Lincolnshire, said: “We have got a big problem with poachers in the area.

“Our view is that they are putting deer parts in trees as a way of telling us they are around.

“We are working with gamekeepers and landowners to raise awareness of the issue and we encourage people walking through the woods to report anything they see.”