Bourne couple’s warning of scam callers who say they are from Microsoft

Mike and Kath Worsey were almost hit by a computer scam
Mike and Kath Worsey were almost hit by a computer scam
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A RETIRED couple from Bourne have warned others to watch out for scam callers who telephone claiming they are fixing your computer.

Mike and Kath Worsey, of Spalding Road, Bourne, received a phone call last week from a person claiming to be from Microsoft.

The caller said the Worseys’ computer had been sending error messages and they could fix it, but would need the couple’s bank details first.

Experienced computer user Mr Worsey became suspicious and hung up, but is worried others may be taken in by the scam.

He said: “We thought the call was legitimate as we had been sending error messages back to Microsoft. Everything they said at the beginning of the conversation seemed very plausible.

“The call went on for an hour but we sensed something was wrong and we decided not to go with what was being said. We stated we would go to our local computer centre MyTeq, in Bourne, and discuss this with the manager.

“The person on the phone got a bit shirty and we cut the call as they wanted an upfront payment of £90.”

Mr Worsey went to MyTeq, in South Street, to ask about the call, and was told it was a scam. He wants to try warn others before they are taken in.

He added: “People could lose a lot of money. We were quite trusting at first. We have had problems with Windows and every once in a while it becomes unresponsive.

“When they started asking for bank details and asking us to pay we got a sense that something was wrong. They started saying our Windows licence had run out, but that doesn’t happen.

“You hear it on the news and you think it will never happen to you but it nearly did. We wanted to let people know.”

The scam was first revealed in an investigation by The Guardian in 2010. Microsoft is aware of the problem and has cut all ties with companies it has found to be responsible.

MyTeq manager Marc Briggs said: “Microsoft is never going to call you. The place where you bought the computer is not going to pass on your details.

“If you think someone has accessed your machine, I would always recommend taking it into your local computer shop to get it checked out.”

Microsoft’s website says: “Microsoft does not make unsolicited phone calls to help you fix your computer. If you receive an unsolicited call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft Tech Support, hang up. We do not make these kinds of calls.”