Cannabis ‘factory’ found in Stamford

The house in Drift Avenue
The house in Drift Avenue
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POLICE have found 140 cannabis plants being grown in a house in Stamford.

Officers were called to the house in Drift Avenue at about 2pm on Monday after concerns were raised for the occupant’s safety.

Officers found the plants in an upstairs bedroom. Several other rooms had been converted into growing rooms but were not in use at the time.

The drug growers had bypassed the house’s electricity supply in a bid to avoid detection.

No-one was in the house, which is privately rented.

Police have made no arrests but said they do have a suspect and are still investigating.

“We are appealing for anyone with any information on who might be responsible for cultivating drugs to get in touch with us.

“We would also ask anyone with suspicions about a property in their area to call us.”

Neighbours living near the house said they had not suspected anything was going on.

Geoff Short, 69, who was born in Drift Avenue and has lived there his whole life, said: “I am a little bit surprised. It’s not the thing you expect in Drift Avenue.

“We are getting a lot of short-term rentals whereas as a five-year-old I knew the name of everyone on the street. I didn’t know the people who lived at this house.

“My grandmother lived there between 1946 and 1972 and I can imagine the look on her face would have a certain amount of disapproval.

“It is a quiet area but I suppose that is what people like that look for.”

Anthony Christian, 70, who has lived in the street for 43 years, said: “They want locking up. You don’t expect to find it around here. It has been a good area.”

Paul Coles, 57, of neighbouring Drift Gardens said: “The house is being rented all the time, nobody really lives there. You never see anyone.

“It’s not what you expect but I imagine it’s everywhere now. I go past there all the time and I could never smell anything.”

Police said operating cannabis factories was an unusual crime for Stamford, although not particularly for Lincolnshire.

“Cannabis farms have been discovered in residential areas like this on a number of occasions in the last couple of years,” the spokesman said.

“They generally form part of organised crime groups”

He said police viewed their operation in Drift Avenue as a success “in the sense that we have taken a significant amount of drugs out of their possession.”