Care worker stole bank card

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A Stamford care worker, who was entrusted with the key to the flat of the disabled woman she cared for, twice used it to gain access in the middle of the night and steal her patient’s bank card.

Nicola Louise Daly, 29, of Worcester Crescent, admitted two offences of burglary and four cases of fraud by using the card to obtain cash and goods, when she appeared at Boston Magistrates Court.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said the female victim was severely disabled and lived in Stamford, and that Daly was one of her carers and had a key so she could let herself in.

She said Daly took her out in her wheelchair and was also the only one of the victim’s carers who was allowed to have her PIN number so she could help her withdraw money from her bank account.

Ms Stace said Daly went into the flat during the night between January 26 and 29 when the victim was asleep, using the key, at a time when she should not have done so, and stole her bank card, subsequently using it to withdraw a total of £90 over two occasions from ATM machines.

The court heard that because ‘she felt guilty’ about doing so, she admitted what she had done to the victim, who told her that if she repaid the money nothing more would be said and the police were not informed.

However, Daly did so again on the night of February 10 when she stole Ms Morley’s handbag as well as £100 in cash and the bank card, which she used to obtain a further £100 and goods valued at £15 from a petrol station.

When she was seen by the police, Daly admitted she had gone into the flat while the victim was asleep and had used the bank card.

She said she had been drinking and liked to take cocaine when she was drinking.

Ms Stace said it was a ‘breach of trust’.

Mitigating, Dean Bower said there had been ‘full and frank admissions’ by Daly to the police, but she had a drug and alcohol problem which she was ‘in denial’ about.

The magistrates, whose powers are restricted to a maximum of 12 months in prison, sent Daly for sentence at Lincoln Crown Court on a date to be fixed and granted her conditional bail.