CCTV bid to solve thefts at The George Hotel and Tobie Noris in Stamford

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POLICE have released CCTV images of two men they want to question after a theft from a pub and attempted credit card fraud at a hotel.

A wallet and cash belonging to an employee at the George Hotel in High Street St Martins were stolen from a staff area in the hotel at about 11.30am on Tuesday.

The thief then called the hotel and asked for the victim, pretending to be from the bank fraud squad.

Using personal details from the stolen driving licence, he faked a security questionnaire and then told the victim that there a fraudulent transaction for £2,000 was about to take place on the account.

He stated he would need the PIN for the card to stop the transaction but the victim realised something was not right and challenged the male, at which point he hung up.

And an antique sign was taken from the wall of the men’s toilets in the Tobie Norris in St Paul’s Street at about 11.30pm on September 24.

CCTV pictures of two men the police want to question have been released. Staff at the Tobie Norris saw the long-haired man pictured walk out of the pub with something under his arm, before returning a few minutes later without it.

Landlord William Fry said the sign was a 4ft by 3ft antique squid-grading board, which was bought by owner Mick Thurlby in Newark.

Mr Fry said: “The sign was screwed to the wall, so it wasn’t pulled off. The man came in with a screwdriver to take it off.

“We don’t recognise him. I’ve been working in pubs in Stamford for the last 15 years and I haven’t seen him before.

“The sign isn’t worth a lot of money, it’s more the annoyance and the sentimental value. It’s been done in such a cheeky way.”

The sign has the words “Squid Grading Board” on it in black writing and a measurement guide underneath.

Police were also called to a burglary in Chatsworth Road, Stamford, on Tuesday at about 7.10pm.

A man wearing a dark sweatshirt and dark trousers, was found in a property.

The occupants of the house disturbed him and he fled in the direction of the Casterton Road area.

If you have information on any of the three incidents, call police on the new 101 number.