Court: Judge tells two Stamford drug dealers ‘don’t let me down’

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TWO drug dealers have been spared jail by a crown court judge.

Keenan Clarkson, 26, and Luke Bridges, 19, appeared at Lincoln Crown Court on Fridayfor sentencing.

The court was told Clarkson, of Northumberland Avenue, Stamford, admitted possessing cannabis with intent to 
supply after a police raid found 35 foil wraps of the drug in a caravan in Northumberland Avenue on January 10 last year.

Michael Cranmer-Brown, prosecuting, said the wraps were in a zip-up bag. Officers also found a small amount of wet cannabis in a wooden box. Bridges was arrested after his fingerprints were found in the caravan.

Mr Cranmer-Brown told the court text messages on his phone showed Bridges was involved in the supply of cannabis.

He added: “It was obvious he was dealing to a close circle of friends.”

Bridges,of Fitzwilliam Road, Stamford later pleaded guilty to supplying cannabis between October, 2010, and March, 2011.

The court heard Clarkson was remanded into custody after he went on the run following his arrest and was found in London.

Chris Jeyes, mitigating for Clarkson, said the “clang of the prison gates” 
had a big impact on him.

Chris Milligan, mitigating for Bridges, told the court both men were dealing cannabis independently and were not acting as a team.

He added: “These were two young men selling small amounts of cannabis individually.”

Clarkson was sentenced to nine months imprisonment suspended for two years and placed under the supervision of a probation officer for two years.

Bridges was sentenced to nine months youth custody suspended for two years and placed under the supervision of a probation officer for two years.

Sparing them jail, Judge Sean Morris told the pair: “Every so often in this job you get the feeling simply locking somebody up is not in the public interest.

“Please don’t let me down or I will be extremely unhappy.”