Day of reckoning for candidates in police and crime commissioner elections

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Voters will go to the polls on Thursday to choose the first police and crime commissioners for our area.

The commissioners – one for each police force area – will replace police authorities.

Their job will be to oversee the police and ensure the force prioritises what matters most to the public. The Government says the commissioners will not tell the police how to do their job, but they will be involved in setting their priorities.

They will also be charged with ensuring money is spent efficiently and effectively and will ultimately have the power to hire and fire chief constables.

There are four candidates in Lincolnshire – David Bowles (Campaign to Stop Politicians Running Policing), Richard Davies (Con), Paul Gleeson (Lab) and Alan Hardwick (Ind).

There are three candidates in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland – Sir Clive Loader (Con), Suleman Nagdi (Ind) and Sarah Russell (Lab).

There are seven candidates for Cambridgeshire – Ansar Ali (Ind), Sir Graham Bright (Con), Paul Bullen (UKIP), Stephen Goldspink (English Democrats), Farooq Mohammed (Ind), Rupert Moss-Eccardt (Lib Dem) and Ed Murphy (Lab).

There are four candidates for Northamptonshire, although the ballot paper will have five. Labour candidate Lee Barron withdrew from the contest after deadline when it came to light he was ineligible to stand because he had committed a minor offence 22 years ago. The four candidates are – Jim MacArthur (UKIP), John Norrie (Ind), Adam Simmonds (Con) and Paul Varnsverry (Lib Dem).

For this election there will be a supplementary vote system in which voters will be asked to indicate first and second preferences. If no candidate has 50 per cent of the first preference votes, the two candidates with the highest number of first preference votes go forward to a second round. In the second round ballots indicating a first preference for a candidate who lost the first round are reallocated according to the second preference indicated.