Elsea Park trust to help cyclists secure their bikes

Immobitag EMN-140925-102239001
Immobitag EMN-140925-102239001
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Cyclists will have the opportunity to get an electronic security tag fitted to their bike thanks to the assistance of Elsea Park Community Trust.

Using money from the Green Transport Fund, the trust has purchased an electronic scanner, which it has loaned to Bourne police station.

Bourne Neighbourhood Policing Team will be on hand to fit Immobitags to bikes at The Centre @ Elsea Park in Sandown Drive, Bourne on Saturday, October 4, between 1pm and 4pm.

Any cyclist can pop along, chat about bike security and bike theft issues and have a tag fitted for £6, (the retail price is £14.50).

Members of the trust and residents of Elsea Park can get a tag for just £4 but they will need to take proof of trust membership or proof of their address on Elsea Park to qualify for this discount.

Police community support officer Graeme Parrott said “An Immobitag is a radio frequency device that provides the bike with a unique identification number.

“Police officers can scan cycles and determine very quickly if they have been reported lost or are suspected of having being stolen.

“We are very grateful that Elsea Park Community Trust have funded this scanner from their Green Transport Fund, as, without a scanner, we have been unable to offer this service in Bourne. We’re hoping this will be the catalyst to roll the scheme out throughout our whole area”.

The device, which is fitted to the frame of the cycle is extremely difficult to find or remove, and Lincolnshire Police has successfully recovered stolen bicycles and prosecuted thieves through the use of Immobitag.

Cycle crime in the county is climbing, and the number of high value cycles being stolen as a result of burglary has also increased.

Jonathan Brough, vice-chairman of the trust, said: “We are trying to encourage cycling as an alternative to using the car for short local journeys whenever possible. It seemed logical for us to kick start this scheme by purchasing the scanner, along with a number of Immobitags for re-sale.

“Our relationship with the Neighbourhood Policing Team cuts both ways; we are loaning them the scanner and they have enabled us to source the Immobitags at a really good price”.

After the launch, the neighbourhood policing team will approach retailers to encourage them to stock the tags.