Farms warned after illegal ‘15-hour rave’ in Dunsby

The disused farm buildings in Dunsby Drove near Bourne which were used for an illegal rave at the weekend
The disused farm buildings in Dunsby Drove near Bourne which were used for an illegal rave at the weekend
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Rural landowners have been warned to keep a vigilant watch on their property after more than 200 people turned up to a 15-hour illegal rave.

Police were called to reports of loud music coming from farmland off Fen Road in Dunsby at about 11pm on Saturday. By the time officers arrived between 200 and 300 people had gathered and the rave had grown too big to safely disrupt.

It took until 2.30pm on Sunday for police to enter the site and close down the rave. They arrested seven people, who have all been bailed until May 28, and seized two cars and sound systems.

Sector inspector Mike Burnett said: “If we had got there early we would have been able to seize all the sound equipment and vehicles and put paid to it.

“But if there is quite a crowd and just a couple of PCs it’s not always feasible to move all those people.”

Insp Burnett called on landowners to secure gates and buildings to prevent ravers gaining access. He also asked residents to look out for signs that a rave may be taking place.

If people see a lot of cars, especially with young people in, driving around and looking for a location, please call immediately. That is probably a sign that a rave is about to happen.

“Look out for a lot of youngsters driving along a particular road. This will give us an opportunity to get there and stop it before it happens.”

Insp Burnett also called on people report any mentions of planned raves on social media.

The Dunsby rave was one of three that have taken place in Lincolnshire since the start of 2014. The others were disrupted in Martin and Blankney, both near Woodhall Spa.

The Country Land and Business Owners Association has urged farmers to stay vigilant to try to combat the threat of illegal raves, particularly in rural areas such as those surrounding Bourne.

Eastern regional director Nicola Currie said: “Illegal raves and the resulting anti-social behaviour cause a great deal of disruption to local communities.

“These illegal gatherings can create unnecessary problems for landowners, who could fall victim to considerable clean-up costs and expensive repairs to outbuildings.

“The mess left behind also causes considerable harm to both wildlife and the environment.

“We urge farmers and landowners to help the police by reporting any suspicious activity as early intervention and good local intelligence can prevent these illegal events and organisers can be dealt with appropriately.”

The Country Land and Business Owners Association is the membership organisation for owners of land, property and businesses in rural England and Wales.