Fears after £5k of fireworks stolen from Tallington

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THIEVES have stolen £5,000 worth of fireworks.

Hundreds of fireworks, including rockets, Catherine wheels, candles and screechers, were taken from Fireworks Direct, based in a portable building at Lodge Farm Shop in Tallington, between Friday and Saturday.

Thieves cut through a perimeter fence to get into the site before using a crowbar to force open the door of the portable building.

Some of the fireworks cakes taken contain up to 150 explosive charges for large-scale displays.

Site manager for Fireworks Direct Curtis Taylor said: “I am absolutely gutted. We have been selling fireworks here for three years and this has never happened before.

“They’ve taken everything from the building. About £5,000 worth of fireworks have gone so not only do we suffer but our customers do as well.

“It’s put everyone here in a sad mood and we even considered packing up and moving. But now we’re determined to stay in business here and soldier on.”

Mr Taylor warned that many of the fireworks could be dangerous if handled incorrectly.

He said: “Anyone handling these goods must know what they are doing, I cannot emphasise that enough.

“This is a big haul of powerful top-of-the-range fireworks, with a load of gunpowder in them – they must be handled with care.”

Security at Fireworks Direct will be reviewed.

Mr Taylor said: “I think this raid was planned because they’ve broken into the property, cut through a fence and used a crowbar to open the building.

“As a businessman that does make you wary. We might have to look at new security measures in the future.

“Obviously we would appeal for anyone who knows anything to come forward. We don’t want to go through this again.”

As well as taking the fireworks, thieves also stole diesel from a tank at the site.

Witnesses can call police on 0300 111 0300.