Gang targets women’s purses in Stamford and Bourne

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POLICE say a gang of women have been stealing purses in Stamford and Bourne.

A woman’s purse was stolen from her handbag in High Street, Stamford, at about 2pm on Thursday last week. Her bank card was used to withdraw £700.

It is believed three women were involved in the theft. One was described as 30 years old and plump with dark hair in a bun. She was wearing dark glasses, a white Nike shirt and three-quarter-length trousers.

Another suspect was aged 18 to 25, wearing a bright pink T-shirt and jeans and carrying a brown handbag.

The third suspect was aged 18 to 25 and wearing a scarf, a white long-sleeved top and blue jeans.

Earlier in the afternoon a similar incident took place in Bourne.

A 73-year-old woman was shopping in the Burghley Centre, when a woman distracted her. It is believed another woman stole a purse containing about £290 from her handbag.