Harry, 10, hit by a car and left in road

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A MUM is outraged after her son was hit by a car and left lying in the road.

Ten-year-old Harry Turner was crossing Saxon Way in Bourne, on Tuesday when he was hit from behind by a car which then mounted the pavement to drive around the youngster on the ground.

Mum Paula and police are appealing for people to come forward if they have any information about the incident.

Harry suffered bruising and grazed hands in the accident has left him frightened to walk to Bourne Westfield Primary School alone.

Mrs Turner said: “I would like them to come forward and apologise. They need to know that what they have done is not acceptable and I don’t want anything to happen to any other children.

“They knew they had hit him as they stopped when they hit him and drove off around him.

“They hit him and left him in the road which makes me think they didn’t have insurance or tax or something, otherwise you wouldn’t just drive off and leave a child lying in the road.

“It is absolutely disgraceful.”

The youngster was walking from his school in Westbourne Park to his home in Waterside Close without his mum as preparation for when he joins secondary school next year.

Mrs Turner says Harry is now terrified to walk home alone and she is calling on the driver to do the decent thing and come forward.

Harry left school at 3.20pm with some friends but had to head back after realising that he had left his glasses and watch behind.

He was walking along Saxon Way and was crossing the road close to Edith Gardens junction when the accident happened.

Harry says he looked before crossing and did not see anything.

But as he crossed the road, he was hit from behind by what he believes was a Peugeot car.

The youngster picked himself up and then made his way back home where his mum called the police.

He has suffered bruising to the back of his legs and grazed hands.

Mrs Turner said: “It has put him off wanting to walk on his own. He is terrified about the idea of walking to home.”

Police spokesman Jill Hill said: “To hit any pedestrian, let a lone a child, and then not stop to see if they are unhurt is an act of cowardice and shows a complete disregard for human life, I would urge anyone who saw this incident to come forward with any information that will help trace the offender.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 01778 394892.