Headteacher hits back after vandals daub abusive graffiti on Willoughby School sign

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VANDALS have gone “a step too far” by writing abusive comments on a sign at a special school.

The Willoughby School, in South Road, Bourne, fell victim to vandals last week who wrote insulting words with a black marker on the school’s parking sign.

Headteacher Adam Booker found the markings on Thursday afternoon and was saddened by the attack by the culprits he described as mindless idiots.

The words written on the sign cannot be published due to their offensive and sensitive nature.

Mr Booker said: “It is really sad that someone would have the mentality to come and write something like that on a place like this.

“I find it ironic that someone would write such a phrase on the sign, as it simply illustrates a lack of a basic education in written English, but has obviously been written by someone with a smaller intellect than that of those who by no fault of their own come to our school. It is bullying.”

Mr Booker said he would love the person or people responsible for the graffiti to go and spend a day with the youngsters, aged between two and 19, at the school who have different disabilities.

The school has about 80 pupils, who Mr Booker said were the most vibrant and vulnerable in society.

He added: “Our school is not a place of negativity. It is just fortunate that none of the kids or parents saw it. It has now been cleaned up by our caretaker Alan Tabor.”

The incident has been reported to police.

The town has suffered a recent spate of graffiti, with tags being left on places including the side of the office of The Local, the Mercury’s sister paper, in West Street and on buildings in Wherry’s Lane.

Police are asking members of the public to report any graffiti. Anyone with information can call police on 0300 111 0300.