Hundreds hit by cash machine fraud at Tesco Express in Bourne

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HUNDREDS of customers could have been victims of a card skimming con at a supermarket.

A skimming device was discovered at the Royal Bank of Scotland cash machine at the Tesco Express, in North Street, Bourne, earlier this month leading to fears that hundreds of shoppers could have been hit by the fraudsters.

It is not known how long the device had been in place but a spokeswoman for Lincolnshire police said part of a camera, believed to be used to record customers tapping their Pin number into the machine was found two weeks before the rest of the device was recovered.

The skimming device was removed on September 16 and today police are urging anyone who has used the machine since mid-August to carefully check their bank statements to ensure they have not become victims.

A spokesman said: “A card skimming device was discovered at the cash machine at Tesco Express, in North Street, Bourne.

“Part of a camera was discovered in the forecourt of the shop two weeks before, which we believe was part of the device. It may be the device was not active after the camera was broken.”

A spokesman for RBS added: “Fraud is an industry-wide issue which can affect all banks and where there is any evidence of fraudulent activity, we work closely with the police and other relevant authorities to tackle this crime.

“RBS takes the issue of fraud extremely seriously and has stringent processes in place, which we constantly review, to identify fraudulent activity and protect our customers.”

A Tesco spokesman said: “On September 16 an engineer identified an irregularity with the ATM. As soon as we became aware, police were informed and the ATM was immediately taken out of action. We carry out regular security checks on the ATMs outside our stores and can confirm that the machine is now fully back in operation.”

Police have reminded ATM users to always cover the keypad when typing in their PIN and to check their statements for suspicious activity.

Anyone with information should call police on 0300 111 0300.