Increase in bank card thefts from elderly in Bourne

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Police news.
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Police have warned people to watch out for thieves after a rise in bank cards being stolen in Bourne.

Officers have seen an increase in thefts of cards, particularly from older women out shopping in the town centre. The thefts have happened after the victims have used their cards to make a purchase.

PCSO Graeme Parrott said: “Unbeknownst to the victim they are overlooked by one of the offenders, who obtain their PIN. A distraction then takes place involving two other offenders (usually a male and female are involved) while exiting the supermarket, resulting in the theft of either the card or purse.

“These persons usually engage asking directions to locations such as the hospitals, train stations or airports.

“Please help prevent this from occurring by shielding your PIN when entering it or taking advantage of contactless payments which do not involve the use of the PIN.”

Suspicious activity should be reported to police on 101.