Jennifer Parkinson breaks down in court as she describes how she stabbed her husband, retired Rutland headteacher Michael Parkinson

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A WOMAN accused of murdering her husband has broken down in tears as she described the day that she stabbed him.

Jennifer Parkinson is accused of murdering husband Michael, a retired Rutland headteacher, at their flat in Gosport, Hampshire.

The jury at Winchester Crown Court heard how the 65-year-old knifed Michael Parkinson three times in the chest, back and hand on March 22 last year.

She admits stabbing him but denies she intended to murder him.

She told the jury that she had had a disagreement with Mr Parkinson, 63, and that he blamed her for their financial problems.

After he pushed her up against a wall, she ran into the kitchen and picked up a knife and pointed it towards him.

“I just wanted to stop him in his tracks,” she said.

“He was shouting by then and bellowing. I wanted him to just stop.

“But it angered him even more.

“He bent my wrist back. I had to let go of the knife. Then he just shoved me backwards.

“He pushed me on to a black plastic box which shattered beneath me.

“I saw it (the knife) glinting on the floor. I must have picked up the knife. I think that’s where the nick in his shoulder must have occurred.

“Then I did a stabbing movement. I don’t know why, I think I just panicked.

“Then I just sort of collapsed on his back. I didn’t know where the knife went in.

“I was horrified to see so much blood. I was kneeling in it.”

She told the jury that she panicked but that she didn’t intend to kill him.

“Nothing was deserving of that,” she said.

“He didn’t deserve that.

“It was a reaction. I didn’t do it deliberately to kill him or end his life or anything so serious. I don’t know why I reacted this way.”

Mr Parkinson was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham and died in the early hours of the following day.

Parkinson, of Rope Quays, Mumby Road, Gosport, denies a charge of murder on the basis that she did not intend to cause her husband serious harm.

“Something snapped. It was a matter of seconds,” she added.

“I think I reacted to the stress I had been under.”

The couple had only moved into the Gosport flat a few weeks before.

The couple owned about 20 properties which they rented out but many had been damaged by flooding.

In the months before they were losing £4,000 a month because of rising interest rates, but by the time of the attack they were making a monthly profit of £2,000.

The trial continues.