Lincolnshire police commissioner reveals his plans

Lincolnshire police and crime commissioner Alan Hardwick
Lincolnshire police and crime commissioner Alan Hardwick
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Lincolnshire’s police and crime commissioner has outlined his plans for the county.

Alan Hardwick, who was elected to the post in November, launched his proposed police and crime plan today (Monday).

People can look over the plans and give their views before they are formally submitted to the police and crime panel at the end of the month.

Mr Hardwick said: “I believe I have a plan that will see crime reduce, deliver a fair deal for the people of Lincolnshire and provide police and services that are there when you need them.

“But I want to know what you think.”

Mr Hardwick has focused on several areas in the plan.

He wants to keep the number of police officers in the county at 1,100 with no further reductions.

He also suggests introducing new volunteer police community support officers which, he says, alongside an expansion in the county’s special constabulary, could see a uniformed officer in every Lincolnshire community.

Additional opportunities to volunteer in non-uniform roles would also be made available.

Mr Hardwick wants to see 1,000 police volunteers working in Lincolnshire.

The plan also includes proposals for officers to wear their uniforms while on duty at all times and all police vehicles involved in front line policing to be clearly marked.

And it states that police stations will not be closed where there is a demonstrable operational or community need.

Mr Hardwick added: “I can achieve all this against a background of continuing Government austerity because I have carried out a thorough and far reaching review of expenditure that has involved every aspect of the way in which we police the county.

“Savings have been identified that I am confident will enable the entirety of my plan to be implemented effectively and also mean that I can set a budget and precept within Government parameters.”

Mr Harwick also pointed out the importance of working with other organisations and said he would announce how he would fund community safety initiatives and victim support projects in the coming weeks.

To view the plan, visit Mr Hardwick’s website.