Man who assaulted loyal wife ‘accepts all blame’

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A man ended up twice assaulting the woman described by his solicitor as “a fantastic mum and loyal wife”.

Magistrates heard Paul Frost, 31, had an affair in 2011, but it was he who became controlling and jealous of his wife as she tried to revive their relationship.

Shelley Wilson, prosecuting, said he seemed to react to her efforts by stopping her from doing things and checking her phone.

An argument started at their home on October 31 when Frost “swiped his wife’s legs from under her, causing her to fall backwards on the floor” of the bathroom.

Mrs Wilson said Frost then hit her with a basket containing toiletries. His wife didn’t report the incident to police, but “things continued to deteriorate between the couple”.

Around December 6 or 7, Frost reacted very badly to his wife having a night out with her female friend.

Mrs Wilson said Frost was in a drunken state, very abusive and threatening to his wife in the presence of the friend and both women were so scared they were reduced to tears.

Frost moved out to his father’s house, but – at what was the end of a night out for him – he turned up to see his wife at 5.30am on Christmas Eve.

Mrs Wilson said his wife described Frost as being in a drunken state and she believed he had taken cocaine.

Frost left, but returned a short while later demanding to see his wife’s phone because she had earlier received a text.

They grappled over the phone and Frost’s wife said he pushed her backwards with open palms towards the dining room.

She got into the living room and told him she was going to call police, but he grabbed the land line phone from her before pushing her onto the floor.

Frost, now living in a caravan at Tallington Lakes, pleaded guilty to two counts of assault.

Magistrates at Grantham on Thursday adjourned the hearing to February 14 for a pre-sentence report.

Solicitor Kate Macmillan, mitigating, told the court: “He totally accepts all the blame. The most important thing I need to get across is it’s completely his fault and his ex-partner has been a fantastic mum and a loyal wife to him.”

She said Frost had been successful, running three shops as well as websites, but had lost focus on family life.