Neighbours ‘terrified’ during illegal rave at Twyford Wood near Colsterworth

Rubbish left on the runway at Twyford Wood following the illegal rave
Rubbish left on the runway at Twyford Wood following the illegal rave
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RESIDENTS say they feared for their safety during an illegal rave near their homes.

Neighbours have complained that police did not do more to break up the rave at Twyford Wood near Colsterworth on Saturday, June 2, which continued until the following afternoon.

Clare Traves said she and her nine-year-old daughter Lily were terrified after ravers broke into their gated land to access the wood, which backs onto their garden.

She said: “It was all really scary. I called the police but they just said, ‘Nothing will happen, it will be fine just lock the door’.

“I’m here on my own with my daughter and someone should have been sent down to reassure us because we were terrified. I had to call my brother-in-law and sister-in-law to come over from Horncastle to be with us.

“When you think someone could get into your property it makes you feel physically sick.”

Mark and Julie Wilson, and their two young children, from Honeypot Lane, were also disturbed

Mrs Wilson said: “It was so busy it could have been the M25 and there was music blaring out but it was just the attitude of police that was wrong.

“They could have stopped people going into the wood but they seemed to let it happen. I’m appalled.”

Witham Specialist Vehicles, in Honeypot Lane, also had trespassers on its premises.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said: “With gatherings of this size, to disrupt them safely takes an extremely large amount of resources and can create conflict which makes the situation worse.

“Very often there is no pre-warning of the event and the safest option is to monitor the situation and let it run its course.”

Police say any offences have been reported will be fully investigated.

Residents also said that security needs to be improved at Twyford Wood, which is owned by the Forestry Commission.