Officers pledge to tackle illegal motorbike riders in Stamford

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Police are stepping up their patrols to combat the illegal use of off-road bikes.

Officers in Stamford have had several reports in recent weeks of people riding bikes that are not road-legal or riding on private land without the owner’s permission.

PC Debbie Powen said: “Officers at Stamford police station will therefore be conducting proactive patrols, particularly in the reported ‘hot spot’ areas, and taking positive action.

“Work will also be conducted in conjunction with the South Kesteven District Council antisocial behaviour team for a community safety partnership approach.”

PC Bowen urged residents to report any bikers they think may be riding illegally so they could be investigated.

She added: “We are therefore encouraging the local community to work with Lincolnshire Police, not only to report incidents so that they are representative of the local area on the new 101 phone number, but to be mindful that if you own such a vehicle, that this needs to be ridden at an appropriate location, in an appropriate manner and if used on private land, this needs to be with the owners permission.”

Police are able to issue a caution which, if the offence is repeated, could lead to a fine and seizure of the motorbike.

To retrieve the bike the owner would have to pay a £150 removal fee and £20 per day for parking.